Blood In Stool After Drinking


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blood in stool after drinking

Good News for Gracie and us 072809 7926b 4×6

Good News for Gracie and us 072809 7926b 4x6
We just heard from the clinic that the blood test results show no indication of FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis). There is no definitive test for FIP, but none of the warning signs (particularly a high protein level) were present. Her basic blood chemistry results were within normal range for all the usual categories.

The lack of appetite and sluggishness may have been due to a hairball problem. When we got up this morning, Gracie was very close to her normal self, even though she had not had a bowel movement during the night. She was active, alert, and played vigorously with her mouse. Also, she ate some of her food and drank some water. However, sometime between 9 and 9:30 a.m., she vomited up a very large hairball and the food she had eaten. When we took her in for her appointment shortly after that, the doctor said that the amount of stool in her colon was not very large and it was not hard. He prescribed a product called Laxatone, which is basically a flavored petroleum jelly/mineral oil (we got the tuna flavored kind), to help grease things along in her digestive tract. He suggested that we put some on her paws (once a day for three days). We did so, and sure enough, she licked it off immediately. Her eye problem is almost completely gone, but we should probably continue that medication for a couple days to make sure it does not return. The vet said on the phone that she may outgrow the tendency toward eye infections.

So, we have no reason to suspect FIP, she has begun eating and drinking again, and she is on the road to recovery from her eye infection.

Needless to say, we are greatly relieved.

This photo was taken today by Edgar.

Update, 30 July 2009: Gracie is almost 100% her usual self now. We are very grateful for the kind wishes from so many people!

He isn't feeling well

He isn't feeling well
so the vet, not one of my vets, thought his gums looked good and he wasn’t in any stress. they did a stool sample and that was clear. the gave him a shot of cerenia to stop the vomitting and the vet said if he continues to vomit after that injection then we have a problem. he said the injection should take effect in 30 mins or so and of course nash came home, drank water and vomitted again! he drank more water after that and so far that has stayed down. at least i think it has… i am downstairs and he is in our bedroom. i highly doubt i am going to bob’s tonight and not even sure if i will go tomorrow. i may even go to work tomorrow and take my long weekend another time. right now i am so worried and stressed because all of this is new to nash. vomitting isn’t him, and this type of stool isn’t him either… if it was his regular colitis, i wouldn’t be so worried. i thought blockage but can’t imagine what would cause it other than a growth. the vet thought his tummy felt fine and he wasn’t concerned about blockage. so they sent me home with metronidazole and reglan, they also did a full blood panel since he is very close to his 6 month draw.
i am a wreck. no idea what to think but nash is acting sicker than he has in a really really long time.